Wheel Of Fortune - the most exciting online casino game! Play now!

Have you ever tried the most popular and exciting game Wheel of Fortune? You can play and win real money here. We offer you great fun with the online version of television`s most popular game show. Pick a consonant or buy a vowel to solve one of many puzzles. Watch the money pile up as you progress through the puzzles. Don`t forget - your next spin could land you on "Bankrupt" or "Lose a Turn!".

It`s really easy to play Wheel of Fortune. Three players are enough to play. The puzzle board revealed the letters in a name, phrase, place, or other category at the beginning of each round. In Wheel of Fortune the first player choose a horizontal wheel filled with dollar amounts and other spaces. In case that the contestant landed on a dollar amount, they could guess a consonant and see if it was in the puzzle.

But in other situation, if it was the contestant kept the turn and could spin again you have to buy a vowel or solve the puzzle. But if you don`t have money to do it or you don`t want, the turn passed to the next player. Hitting "Lose a Turn" means that the turn automatically passed to the next contestant. "Bankrupt" meant losing the turn and all their accumulated cash from that round only. Game play continued until someone solved the puzzle, and then that contestant went shopping.

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