Texas Holdem - the best choice for the online poker player! Become the next World Poker Champion!

Texas Holdem is the most popular of the community card poker games. In all casinos in the Western United States, this game is played very much. Here you can play Texas Holdem with real players and you can win real money too. Texas Holdem is no limit game. It`s usually played between 2 and 10 people. It depends from the situation. It`s very interesting that in this game there is fixed order of betting rounds.

Texas Holdem is played all over the world as well, but seven-card stud, Omaha hold `em and other games may be more popular in some places. Texas Holdem is known in some places as the "cadillac of poker". This game can be played both with fixed and no limit as well as ring games and tournaments. Every player is dealt two cards facedown.

The first betting round is at the lower betting limit. The dealer turns over Three cards face-up. Second betting round proceeds at the lower betting limit After that the dealer turns over 1 more card. Third betting round is at the higher betting limit. Dealer turns over the final community card. And the final betting round proceeds at the higher betting limit.

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