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The history of Slot machines begins in the 1890`s in the USA. The first Slot machine was invented in from a German man, which name is Charles Fey. This happened in 1898/99 in San Francisco. The machine was called "Liberty Bell". In this first machine, Fay was using symbols of Bells, spades, horseshoes, diamonds and hearts on its reels. Fey is also famous with some other creations - the first draw poker machine in 1901 and the first silver dollar slot machine in 1929. In 1902 Slots were made illegal in San Francisco.

So very soon they became illegal in California and Nevada. But this fact can`t stop a creating person like Charles Fey and he didn`t stop. In the next years he continued his production with Slots. Of course, like anything else, Slot Machines workings have changed over the years. But this is only inside the machine. The way of plying and winning is the same.

In the past, Slots machines were run by an elaborate set of gears, levers and reels. Today`s modern Slot Machines are quite controlled by computer software like many things in our life. But the new Slot Machines are designed to play, like the Old mechanical Slots. First Slots were made with aim to keep the fans of gambling busy. But they were not created for heavy gamblers, who enjoy playing the casino table games. To play Slots you need to know very little things and experience.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are very popular in casinos all around the world. Many gamblers will tell you that to beat a Slot Machine is a matter of luck, but you have to know that there are methods to maximize your chances to hit the jackpot. If you are a beginner in this game you need to start with learning the basic rules of the game. If you don`t know how to play Slot Machines you will never win the jackpot.

There are two fundamental things you need to know in order to beat the Slots: 1. Knowing which Slot Machines to play and which machines to avoid. 2. How to play the Slots Machines most effectively. To start playing the Slot Machine, just drop chips into the slot and pull the handle to rotate the reels. The maximum number of chips that can be played in one round is three. Usually the payouts are as shown in the table on top of each Slot Machine.

If you want to win at Slots, always look for the highest payout possible because you will have better chance where general payback percentages are greater. Always read the pay-off information on Slots Machines and make sure you have inserted the proper number of coins in the slot. A good decision for every Slot player is to play the maximum number of coins. Slot Machines are different, so find a machine that you understand, don`t play any slot machine that you see.

Casino Slot

Everyone who has ever tried casino slots, will tell you that it is a fascinating and exciting game. If you choose to play casino slot you will spend hours of great entertainment. This is a game convenient for everyone and it is easy to find a slot theme that will appeal to you. The slot machine was invented in 1894 by an enterprising American, Charles Fey, in San Francisco. Today, there are various casino slot machines, but the most common categories are three - basic slots, progressive slots and bonus video slots.

The basic casino slot represent a machine with a single pay line. It is also known as the reel wonders. Progressive slots are slightly different. Despite of the basic casino slot machine, which have a constant jackpot, progressive casino slots are run by an ever-growing jackpot. If you choose the bonus video casino slot, you will get bonuses while playing. As a result you can raise your winnings.

It is hard, maybe impossible to cheat the casino slot machine. Modern casino slot machines generate new random combinations even when they are idle. Maybe is just a question of chance or lucks is no way to predict when a hit will occur. Sometimes people think that when someone wins, it is a lie. But it is not, because winnings are not programmed to occur in an exact time, or a certain pull. - 2006-2023