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Poker Way back to the 1800`s in the days of the cowboys and Indians, Poker games were played in bars and saloons all over this great land of our. It was not always played as the same Poker game as it is today. In fact, the Poker game of old took nerves of steel to play because you had so much more information about your opponent poker hand. In the old Western days, the Poker Game of choice was Five Card Stud. That meant only one card down and four cards up, so literally after all cards were delivered you had a chance to see eighty percent of you opponents hand. Not so in Poker games today.

Wherever its name came from, Poker caught on major America`s Wild West years of the late-19th century, becoming a favorite in saloons and gambling parlors and eventually being played with the whole 52-card deck. In the 20th century, it became a favorite social event, over which friends met weekly in their homes to play usually low-stakes, good-natured games, often with idiosyncratic variations on the rules to make the games more fun.

Nowadays more and more lovers of Poker proffered to play their favourite game at home. This is possible thanks to Online Poker Rooms owners that are taked care to make this game available for everyone. Online Poker takes a real table and puts it on your computer. The rules and game play are usually the same as they are in real Poker at a real casino.

The number of cards dealt is dependant on what type of game you are playing: Five Card Stud, you are dealt five cards and Seven Card Stud, you are dealt seven. Five card draw is the standard poker game where five cards are dealt to each player face down. Most times, Poker rooms make the game play seem more realistic by offering the opportunity to have a real live dealer with whom you can communicate.

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Poker is not very common for the casinos, if we look back in the years. Usually the games of poker were played in special clubs, called card rooms. Today almost all good casinos have made special room for the poker fans and offer them really good opportunity to enjoy their favorite game in a luxury and cozy atmosphere. Well, as every rule, this have an exception. There are some types of poker that are common for the casinos, almost for all online casinos.

One of the casino poker games is Pai Gow Poker. It is traditional Asian game. The casino poker game is played with tiles that look like dominos there. To make it more understandable for all the standard playing cards were adopted for this game. The ranking of hands were fashioned after poker hands. Because of that the game was called Pai Gow Poker.

The second popular casino poker game is Caribbean Stud. Caribbean Stud is played on a table similar to the Blackjack`s table. This casino poker game is based on poker - the poker hand ranking applies here. In this game you are playing against the dealer and your hand must beat the dealer`s hand.

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There are many different kinds of casino games and it means that there are a large variety of tables. When you play online poker you don`t need a table, but if you decide to play with your friends at your home a poker table is a necessity. All expert poker players know that having a poker table is very convenient, but many people don`t have a room in their homes for playing poker.

Roulette Table RT909 - This is a high quality roulette table with original casino layout. This table is surrounded with removable padded armrest and its legs are oak wood finished. Table measurements: 8ft X 46 X 30h. Oval Texas Holdem Poker Tables - This table has fine quality green felt covering the surface. Measures are: 82-inches by length, 40-inches by width. This table is very convenient because it comes in three solid piece of wood, which folds into 3. Eight to ten players can play at this table.

Folding Poker Table: You can expand the table surface very easy. From this table you can create a large 48" diameter, eight-sided table and each of the 8 player stations includes a tray for holding a drink and poker chips. Playing surface is a pool table grade. Professional Blackjack Table - This is a full-size professional quality BlackJack Table. It is 6 1/2 feet long with a padded armrest and oak finished legs.

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Poker Chips When poker players were telling that they wanted chips, "exactly like the casinos use", more and more suppliers took them literally and designed and produced the exact same chips that casinos order, straight from the manufacturer, with the dust still on them. That is what they were screaming for, so that is what they gave them. A lot of poker suppliers offer custom casino grade Poker Chips with the fastest delivery time in the industry. Also their true clay Poker Chips are the same quality as used in casinos.

In fact, the Poker Chips are made on the same presses, using the same materials as used for many casinos throughout Las Vegas. More of the suppliers exclusively own the casino molds by which their chips are produced. No other retailer produces chips on these molds. They actually manufacture their casino grade clay composite chips themselves in the USA. They also import other composite chips and accessories directly and indirectly.

Poker suppliers look at Poker Chips from several of the top Poker Chips sellers so the reviews are not as biased as those from a single source are. In other words, some sites that sell Poker Chips have their own reviews but they are biased towards their Poker Chips. In other words, the sites that only sell high end Poker Chips try to convince people that they should purchase the high end Poker Chips. They that only sell the budget Poker Chips try to convince people that they should not spend too much money so they should purchase their budget Poker Chips.

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Tops Poker provides excellent poker action. You`ll have much fun, playing online poker games and winning real money. You can play also for free. You will have the great chance to play with opponents from around the world. We offer user-friendly poker software, exceptional service and unique features. Tops Poker is the game of poker played over the Internet from years.

In December 2003, revenues from online poker were estimated at US$34 million per month. It`s really too much. And with so much people playing with you online, you`ll entertain yourself for hours. Tens of thousands of players play online poker daily on Tops Poker and there are many good reasons about this and some good money for winning. People playing poker online will have success for sure. The concept of success is something more important than just winning some good price.

People playing poker online gain more than just regular experience. The knowledge and skills, which players get from Tops Poker can develop their imagination and intuition too. And these things are even more expensive than some money. With much experience, playing every day poker you`ll have a new habits and skills very useful in every day life. Your experience is always growing. Don`t forget this and play Poker now.

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Video Poker is one of the favorite games of gamblers for years. Video Poker is a combination of both poker and slots. It`s one of the few games in the casinos, where you can find a positive expectation of winning. In Video Poker players will see the elements of luck and strategy. Video poker combines the elements of luck and strategy. With enough practice, you can learn how to play video poker like professional players.

In Video Poker game you are allowed to discard. The key is to discard in a manner that gives you the highest expectation of winning. With this strategy you will have the best chances of winning. Optimal strategy will change depending on the rules of the video poker game you are playing. This strategy may also change with different pay tables. Sometimes you must play maximum credits and so you`ll take advantage of the highest expectation.

The name of the game Video Poker comes from this: usually one player plays against a machine, which displays the player`s cards on a screen. And there is no reason why it could not be played with real cards, dealt by a human banker instead of a machine. But that is how the Video Poker is. And it`s very fun and entertaining game. Every player gets in this game five cards from a standard 52-card pack.

The player has a opportunity to discard some of the cards which are unwanted. So he`ll get another cards, with the same number. If the player has a sufficiently good poker hand, the dealer pays him according to a fixed scale of odds according to the type of hand. It means that he`ll have to get a pair of Jack or better.

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Play Poker Nowadays, Poker has turned into a well regulated, top-level sport even broadcast on television, widely appreciated for its suspenseful, high-stakes play. Its strategy, psychology, and bluffing and the simple fact that many regard it as the only card game at which a skilled player can actually make a living. In the last years, Play Poker has moved from real-world casinos to the online world as well, where players can enjoy with a lot of games.

When you Play Poker online you will find over 40,000 real live players at peak times in the largest online poker rooms like Party Poker, Empire Poker and Pacific Poker. In fact, the figure rarely falls below 20,000 as players from all around the world play. If poker is the most popular game then Texas Holdem is the most popular version of poker. This is the game that you see being played on TV every night, certainly in the USA and UK. Since online poker became more and more popular, lots of new poker rooms arose.

For your favorite poker game Texas Holdem Poker, it is safe to stick with the larger poker rooms. Poker rooms that have been around for a while, have thousands of online players and therefore many Texas Holdem tables available. Poker tables appeared much earlier than poker itself started its existence. First tables were the ground, the grass, the sand by any natural Earth cover that you can imagine. Then humanity invented tables to eat on them. They were used for the game firstly, until special poker tables appeared. Enjoy!

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The Internet poker is inheritor of the classic poker game. It has a long and interesting history and there are a lot of different legends about that where the poker game really come from. Nobody knows that for sure. The classic game became very popular and after the development of the new technologies, Internet in particular, the poker game became a part of it. At present a lot of online competitions and tournaments are organized and the game receives more and more popularity.

A kind of playing cards have been used from the Egyptians in the 12th and 13th centuries. A lot of betting games have been also played in 16th century in Persia. The cards were called Treasure cards or Ganjifa. Ivory or some kind of valued wood have been used for the production of the cards. Sometimes,they also used a paper thin slices to make the 96 cards deck. A game called As Nas was played by the ancient Persians. This game used 25 cards and its hand ranking were hierarchical and the game also had rounds of betting.

A Spanish game from 16th century called Primero became the origin of the French game called Poque and German game called Pochen in 17th and 18th century. Each player was dealt three cards. And the bluffing was very important part of the game, especially when the player had poor cards. Primero is thought for poker`s mother, because it has very common features with the present poker. After the development and the increasing of its popularity during all these years, now the most popular way of playing poker is the Internet poker.

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It can be said that Party Poker is the leader of the online gambling industry today. This online poker room is fully owned by Party Gaming, the first gaming company opened the doors to the London Stock Exchange for the representatives of the gaming industry. The floatation was made in July, this year.

The online poker room Party Poker was established in 2001. Since then it experiences enormous popularity and almost all serious online poker players have played there at least once. It is licensed and regulated and it offers you a lot of pleasant hours while playing your favorite games online. Its tournament Party Poker Million made huge boom with its first edition as a part of the well-known TV show World Poker Tour.

Party Poker offers several poker games such as Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Omaha High and Omaha Hi Lo. Below you can see a list of the tournaments that are available at Party Poker. - Scheduled tournaments - fixed start and pre-announcing. To participate there you have to register before the close date. It varies form tournament to tournament, but the needed information is available in the lobby. - Sit & Go Tournaments - this kind of tournaments starts when the appropriate number of players has sat around the poker table.

- Million - The Million tournament is now in its fifth year. To join you have to play at the Semi-Finals for which you can qualify daily for only $11. Party Poker Bonus Codes: - "GOLD", "DELL"- This code gives you bonus $25 when you sign up. - 20EXTRA - If you use this bonus code you`ll receive 20% on your first deposit, up to $100 - 2006-2024