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Before the formalization of the casinos and the establishment of these organizations, the betting games were played on the streets, in homes, or in private clubs. The word "casino" comes from the Italian word casa which means house, from here when it is talked about the casino it is usual to be said house instead of casino.

Why we use Italian word? This is interesting question. But the answer is simple - the first ever legalized public gambling house appeared in Venice, Italy. The next known casino was opened at Baden Baden in Germany. The house employed Parisian craftsmen to design the rooms. This casino operates today also. The most famous casino destination today is US city Las Vegas, but this is not the first place in USA where casino appears.

Some of the first casinos in American were established in New Orleans during the early 1800s. Las Vegas in Nevada became possible because of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel who organized gaming and bookmaking operations for the Mafia. Las Vegas was established during the Great Depression. Then gambling had been legalized in Nevada to increase revenue for the state.

Today there are lots of casinos not only in Las Vegas. In Europe was established the equivalent of Las Vegas and USA has its Atlantic city, where there are also lots of casinos. In addition, the development of Internet technologies helped the gambling to enter the e-space.

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One of the general things you have to consider when you decide to play online casino games is to choose the right casino online for you. If you are long-time gambler that has played at Las Vegas-type of casinos you know that it is very important to know where to risk your money. As you may know, to choose the right one is one of the most difficult tasks for the gamblers. This also applies for the online casinos.

So, there are some simple steps to be taken in order to find the best one casino online for you. Read carefully the reviews written by the players that have played at the online casinos available for the moment. There is large number of casino online sources for such information. In addition you can take a look at the forums and blogs that almost all serious online gamblers use and to find out what they are thinking about the casinos.

There are several questions you have to ask yourself while you are taking this hard decision. First, is the casino reputable? Does a reputable company like Playtech or Microgaming make it? Do they give you all the information about how the gambling odds are set up in the software? The question with the software must stand in first place, because this is the thing that you use to play.

It must be flexible and stable, with minimum disadvantages. To find out what is the quality of the software, you must try it for free first and if it answers all your requirements, you can wager for real money. If it does not match with them, do not take much time to think - just leave this casino online and find another. They are so many... After all, it`s all about the fun you have to experience!

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Casino-On-Net is one of the largest online casinos where thousands of gamblers like to gather for playing their favorite games. Some people consider it as the best one, but this depends on their personal points of view. There are several games available for playing in two modes - for free and for real money. You can play unlimited number of free games - you can enjoy them as long as you decide to taste the real action of the real money play.

Games available at Casino-On-Net are Blackjack, One Zero Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker and a variety of Slot Machines, including Classic and Progressive with an ever-growing Jackpot. Each game offers a host of features including an average payout of 97.94 %. Many games offer a multi-player option. The software features chat tool that allows you to talk in real-time mode with the other players as in the real casinos.

If you prefer to play alone, you can choose private table or you can reserve a table for you and your friends. All you have to do to start playing is to download the free software and to install it on your computer. Casino-On-Net opened its virtual door in 1997 and since now it experiences over 8,000,000 downloads and over 20 Million people have played the games offered there. Casino-on-Net is operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd., a registered company incorporated and located in Gibraltar. Recently, the company announced their floatation on the London Stock Exchange following the smash hit made by their rival company - PartyGaming.

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Online casinos are very comfortable to play your favorite games. It gives you the pleasure to stay home and enjoy the game. Nobody requires you to attend a real casino. If you are still wondering, which of them to choose, you can have a look at the short reviews, in order to choose the casino that matches best to your needs. River Belle Casino is one of the most famous online casinos. Its atmosphere is perfect.

The casino supports its customers with e-mail and toll-free help lines. You can have it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives the opportunity to its future customers to download the software and play for free, just for fun or for practice, before they enter the real game. They provide secure facilities for transferring the money and also some great promotions. And the most important thing, you can have all this from the comfort of your own home. No need and money for traveling. Isn`t it fun? Enjoy it!

Other very good online casino is 32Red Casino. It has a very good design of its web site. The casino uses the Microgaming software, which is one of the best in the online casino industry. It offers all kinds of typical casino games, such as Roulette, Craps, Slots, video Poker and many others, so the player has the full right to choose the game he or she like most. They are also offering customer support and very secure accounts. So there is no reason for worries.

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In the sea of thousands of web sites existing on the Internet at present, there are some that function like Internet casinos. They are similar to the classic land-based casinos and the only difference is that are based in the cyber space. They also give you the chance to play remotely and stay at your comfortable chair at home, while you are playing your favorite games. One of the most popular games played in the Internet casinos is Craps. The only thing that is necessary to do is to check the Internet and enter one of the thousands online casinos.

The competition between them is big and they are trying to provide their customers with better services. Almost all of the casinos will offer you either to play for money or to try the free practice version. The games, which use dice are very popular from thousands of years. It happens, because these games are very interesting. Craps will provide you with a lot of fun and will really excite you.

And probably you will agree with that it is much more comfortable to stay at home, far from the noisy casinos and just enjoy the game and win money by lounging on the coach in your living room. So, learn the rules of the Craps and you will be convinced that the game is very fascinating, then choose the most appropriate Internet casino to you, and just start the having fun and winning money.

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Virtual Casino is a term used to describe a website using software, which gives you the opportunity to gamble with real money online, in real-time. You can play different casino games with many people all over the world. The Virtual Casino gives you the chance to buy tokens or credits via credit card, check, bank transfer or one many other internet payment methods, for example NET Eller or Fire pay.

When gambling activities cross state lines the federal government also has regulatory jurisdiction under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution But in the United States gambling is legal under current law. If you`ve ever been on the Internet casino, here you`ll find the best casino games and you`ll like and enjoy it.

Virtual casinos have become increasingly popular as it has the same thrill of playing in a real casino but the convenience of not having to leave your house. In Virtual casinos the players have selection of games to choose from, with a selection of different risk levels. The most interesting thing is that here players can choose the amount of risk that is involved in their bet.

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One of the best casinos online is Golden Palace. The players prefer it because of various reasons. The popularity of Golden Palace is gained most because of its crazy and extraordinary way of advertising - you remember all its purchasing at eBay. The list is so long - babies called Golden Palace, the logo tattooed in different parts of someone body and so ... But this is not enough for players - to know how crazy the people can be, they want to gain good money while playing.

The casino also gives away really good sign-up bonuses such as its 200% match up. This applies for deposits up to $100. The casino uses PlayTech software with 50 classic casino games included. Another best casino online is Global Player Casino. It has very pleasant interface, a number of exciting player`s options. In addition, the web site is well organized and informative.

The online casino gives you the chance to try its games without paying even a cent. How this works? The casino offers guest games - each player receives $1,000 in demo money. With these demo money he or she can play the same games as the players that have deposited real money.

Another online casino that can be counted as one of the best is Club Dice Casino. It offers to its players wide selection of exciting casino games - over 60, progressive jackpots, multi-language software and excellent tech-support. The software that the casino offers is free and all you have to do if you want to play there is to download. In addition, if you are not able to download the software, you can play via casino`s instant Flash games.

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Lucky Nugget is considered as one of the best online casinos. The software of the casino has almost 100 high quality casino games included. There are available 8 different payment options, from which only one doesn`t offer the additional $10 free added to the already huge $200 possible sign up bonus. The online casino is good for novice gamblers, because it offers really easy beginner guide with the basic information about the games.

The software that this casino uses is developed by Viper and it offers really good graphics, chat option and etc. Another casino from the group of the best online casinos is River Belle Casino. The number of the games that it offers is over 40, including more than 20 slot machines, and 8 video poker variations.

Most people cosider the casino as the pioneers in internet gambling. the software that is available there for downloading is reliable and easy to use. There are several excelent features such as PlayCheck and Cash Check that help players to know what is the way of their play and the status of their financial account. Lets look at one another online casino - Captain Cooks Casino.

It can be said that it is also from the group of the best online casinos that offers really good conditions for the high rollesrs. The casino offers over 40 casino games and fantastic bonuses - Sign-Up Bonus - $16 Free, Initial Deposit Bonus - 100% up to $100 for your first deposit. You can play there for free and for real oney, such as almost all online casinos offer but here you will experience lot of fun and pleasure.

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With so many casino games being offered on the internet, here are the games reviews. The search for your favorite casino game has never been easier! There are several different variations of Poker that the online casinos offer. However, the poker games offered by the so-called Online Poker Rooms are the most popular. The reason is those games are played live with other online players.

At Party Poker, Empire Poker and Pacific Poker you can test your poker skills. The online games of Bingo are so special that you will not find them at the casinos. There are separate bingo rooms to play the games. Special attention for Party Bingo that offers download and no download games where you can chat live with the other online players. At one time, casino operators as devices to keep the "little woman" occupied while her friend played real games regarded Slots. As time went on, of course, Slots became more popular with men and women.

With the increased in popularity came an increase in profitability and the casinos, quick to notice a good thing, started to install more Slots Machines in their gaming rooms. First by the hundreds, and then by the thousands. Blackjack games - Special attention for Golden Palace Casino where the special game Blackjack Switch is offered. At this game, you are able to switch your second card between two blackjack hands.

The word Baccarat is a derivative of the Italian word baccara, meaning zero, and refers to the zero value given to all of the face cards and tens. It is pronounced `bah-caw-rah` and not `back-a-rat` as most unwary gamblers say it. Baccarat is played primarily in European casinos, were it was introduced in the 15th century in France. Its worthy reputation in France and England dates from the mid-1800s.

The game has today is very popular and it is now played in casinos around the world. The most played games of Roulette are European and American Roulette. The difference is that American Roulette has two zeros and the European version has only one zero. Special attention for the Progressive Roulette game at Riverbelle Casino. Many online casinos offer some great Video poker games. Special attention for Cirrus Casino where you can even play up to a 100 hands in one single game!

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As it is known when you are playing at casinos, you must use special markers for the sums you are wagering. The usage of the physical money such as coins or bank notes is not allowed. In the dawn of the gambling instead of the plastic or clay chips were used pieces of bones, mother of pearl or ivory. They were engraved with the name of the casino and their respective value. Mr. Bourgogne and Mr. Grasset developed the casino poker chips that are known today in the early 1920s.

They used plastic with a secured printing of the casino name and value for the manufacturing of the casino poker chips. These chips were also known as "plaques" and "jetons". Not later than were developed the clay chips that are one of the thing you can commonly find in the casino. Recently, the casino poker chips are used not only for gambling. There are people who collect them and in addition there are players who make really exciting tricks with them.

Below you can read the instruction for one of the easiest tricks made with 10 or more casino poker chips. This casino poker chip trick is called Sweep. The first thing you have to do is to place the chips flat on a table and in a straight line so that about half of each chip is laying on the previous one. Start running the chip in your hand along the line at the end of the line of chips, which has the chip on top, so that it gently brushes each chip. You can hear it `clicking` along the line.

When you reach the end of the line keep the movement going. As you bring back your hand, use the chip to dig underneath the chip that is lying flat on the table. If you do the things right, the chips will all start to stand up because of a domino-like effect. When they stand up, you have to continue sweeping your hand along the table then the chips will collect in the palm of your hand. The reason for this is that have been holding your fingers as if there is a bottle in them.

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Every gambler knows that when he is playing at the casino he doesn`t use his physical money to wager. Instead of coins and bills he use a stack of round clay markers, called chips. The casino chips are very common today and even at home games people prefer to play with chips instead with the real money equivalent.

The chips have different colors. The color difference is used to mark the value of an initial chip. if you intend to wager higher sums, you will buy chips with higher value, if you intend to wager small sums, you have to buy chips with lower value. The reason for this is understandable. If you use casino chips with low value and you want to wager high sums, it won`t be very comfortable for you because you have to take care of big stack of chips. Simple explanation, right? But when the first chips were used?

The gambling markers started to be used in the 18th century. In the beginning they were just a pieces of bones, mother of pearl or ivory with the name of the casino engraved together with the value. First, they were used in Europe. Mr. Bourgogne and Mr. Grasset found the idea of the prototypes of now-a-days chips in the early 1920s. They made plastic markers with the name of the casino and the value of the chips. Their products were known as "plaques" and "jetons".

Soon after that were introduced several new technologies - the security features were then introduced such as metallic grids, see-through "lunettes", stripes, laces of various kinds and more recently highly sophisticated holograms and microchips. America improved the idea of using the color to value the chips. This is known as gaming chips "American-style". In 1950s were introduced the clay chips. Over the years, the manufacturers of chips and casino devices have improved the technologies and today you can find wide variety of these gambling markers.

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Casino gaming is an activity that is accomplished by persons who spend their money in order to bet on events that can be predicted. There are several games that are common for the casinos online and offline. Blackjack and Roulette are usually used as a logo to represent the casino as an institution. This industry is wide discussed by the officials worldwide - to legalize it or not.

Today they are not too negative to it but there are really high limits for everybody who wants to establish casino gaming unit and even who just wants only to play the games. In other hand, there are some casino games that are not very common such as listed below. Cyberstud Poker - this game is considered as poker but it differentiates from the regular poker games with the fact that it is played between you and the dealer, who is casino employee.

It is played with a single standard deck of 52 cards that are shuffled before each game. The came starts with betting, then you are dealt five cards and the dealer is dealt one card. You have two options - to Call or Fold. The goal of the game is to complete it with the strongest hand. Flip Card - this game is really simple and relies only on your luck. No other skills are required. It is played only with six cards.

The goal of the game is to flip the cards over to reveal winning combinations. Keno - this game is one of the oldest known casino gaming forms. It comes from a Chinese game that helped children to learn how to count. To play this game, you have to use a card with the numbers from 1 to 80. There is also a basket where are the balls, which are also numbered from 1 to 80. Your goal is to guess the first twenty numbers that will be first drawn. As a rule, you can choose to bet on up to fifteen numbers for an initial game.

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If you intend to play at online casinos, you have to know that you have to make some things before you start enjoying the action there. First of all, you have to find where to play. It may seem an easy task but it is not just that simple. Recently were launched large number of new online casinos that are offering really exciting bonuses and conditions but it is a must to know which of them are quality and fair.

If you intend to play only for fun and you won`t wager real money, it`s not that important, but if you intend to play for real money is a must in order to prevent unfair acts by the casino that is not launched online with the purpose to make its players satisfied but only to take their money. For this reason it is wiser first to read several casino reviews before you start playing for real money.

Once you choose the casino, you have to download the software they are offering for free. The downloading usually takes not more than 15 minutes but generally the time for downloading depends on the speed of your connection. If you don`t want to wait and you want to start immediately to play, you can use the Flash or Java versions of the games. As a rule, download casinos have better graphics, more complex game options and multi-player interaction. if you intend to play in a regular basis, it`s better to play with casino download software. - 2006-2024